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Prices of clothes register unprecedented increase

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The prices of clothes including readymade clothes of children and adults have registered an unprecedented increase (from 50-100pc) as compared to last year's, revealed a survey conducted by Business Recorder here on Friday in different markets of the twin cities.

The survey was conducted in the twin cities of Rawalpindi/ Islamabad including Aabpara market, Melody market, Super market and Commercial market.

People have started purchasing clothes for upcoming summer season.

The prices of summer stuff including unstitched and ready-made clothes of ladies, gents and children are sky-rocketing.

Prices of different materials including chiffon, cotton, georgette and lawn have doubled as compared to last year's.High food inflation has already decreased the purchasing power of the people.

Samina Haider, a buyer in the Melody market said, "The high prices of clothes and increasing food inflation have forced the common man to either feed the family or buy clothes.

Obviously, to purchase the food items is the very first priority of the people.

I am very fond of new clothes but due to their high prices I am forced to give priority to food items".Rubina Khalid who belongs to a middle-class family told this scribe while visiting the Aabpara market, "I am amazed that the price of an outfit made of chiffon is now around Rs 2,500-3,000 while it was being sold at Rs 1,200-1,400 last year.

The winter stuff is mostly on 'sale' because the season is heading towards its end but it is still unaffordable for even middle-class families.

The prices of jackets, scarfs, woolen clothes, and shawls are still high even at a sale price of 20-30 percent less than what it was in the beginning of the inter season."Commercial market of Rawalpindi is with a wide variety of clothes both ready-made and unstitched outfits also witnessing an upward trend.

An embroidered chiffon suit is being sold in the range of Rs 3,000-4,500 while a cotton outfit can be purchased at Rs 2,000-2,500 which was being sold at Rs 1,200-1,500 a year ago while two years back the same material could be purchased at Rs 700-900.Khayam Khan, a buyer in the Super market told this scribe, "The prices of the gents' clothes are unbelievable.

I bought a cotton T-shirt at Rs 700 last year and now the same stuff is being sold at Rs 1,200-1,300".

"The prices of readymade clothes for children are out of the reach of common man and we are forced to buy expensive clothes.

I do not know what will become of this country where within a period of merely two years we have been subjected to a hundred percent price increase in clothing.My monthly income is Rs 20,000 and I have 3 daughters and 2 sons.

I am the sole earner of the family.

Imagine, how difficult it is for me to pay the day by day increasing rates of electricity and phone bills while the price of food items are also showing an upward trend", Nasir Ali, a buyer in Aabpara market, told this scribe with tears in his eyes.

Courtesy: Business Recorder

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